When it comes to choosing your toilet you’ll be looking at three basic options for the base of your toilet, also known as the trap.

Firstly you have your standard toilet. You’ll notice the trap is visible, snaking below the toilet, leaving extra crevices to collect dust and debris. The American Standard Colony is our budget friendly toilet and comes with a standard trap.

Secondly, you have your concealed trap toilet. You’ll notice the base of the toilet is sleek and flush to the floor creating an easy to clean surface. The American Standard Studio is by far our most popular toilet, has a concealed trap and only a slight upgrade

Lastly, is one of my favorites and of course the most costly; a wall hung toilet. You’ll notice in the picture the trap does not touch the ground, leaving the surface below open and easy to clean.

              Standard Toilet                                  Concealed Trap                         Wall Hung Toilet

standard trap toilet                   concealed trap                 wall hung toilet