Time to clean your air conditioner and check your hose bibs!

It's that time of year again and there is some service that needs to be done on your air conditioner.

Below is a video of how to clean the condenser on your air conditioner 

There are few things in life better than coming home to a cool house on a hot day. 

If you dont have an air conditioner and would like a quote call today. 


GAME OF THRONES - Choosing your seat and bowl

TOTO Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat TCF6412AT


When choosing a toilet bowl and seat there are so many options. Here is a quick breakdown to help you choose what’s right for you! Your most common bowl shape is round front, it will feel a little smaller, good for short legs and children; round shape is also the most cost effective. Next you’ve got the elongated bowl, it has an oval shape to it and is suited to an adult body or someone with longer legs, this option will increase your price point slightly.

Once you’ve picked your bowl shape you can choose the seat. First you must make sure your seat matches your bowl shape, is it elongated or round? You can get a standard toilet seat, or choose to layer on the extras such as;

Slow Close-the lid slowly closes and doesn’t smack down onto the seat

Easy Clean-the whole seat pops on and off with ease to make cleaning a breeze.

Kids Seat- this has a little seat that flips down on top of the regular seat, ideal for little bums just learning to use the toilet.

Washlet Seat-these seats have all the bells and whistles, some even play music! You will find these in the homes of celebrities as they cost alot. Listed below are some of the options available; rear cleansing, front cleansing, oscillating cleaning, pulsating cleansing, air drying, temperature control, opening and closing of the toilet seat by sensing or remote, lighting, heated seat, auto bowl cleaning and deodorizer options.

All these great options are available from Town & Country Plumbing. If it’s time to replace the throne in your home visit to request a quote or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


When it comes to choosing your toilet you’ll be looking at three basic options for the base of your toilet, also known as the trap.

Firstly you have your standard toilet. You’ll notice the trap is visible, snaking below the toilet, leaving extra crevices to collect dust and debris. The American Standard Colony is our budget friendly toilet and comes with a standard trap.

Secondly, you have your concealed trap toilet. You’ll notice the base of the toilet is sleek and flush to the floor creating an easy to clean surface. The American Standard Studio is by far our most popular toilet, has a concealed trap and only a slight upgrade

Lastly, is one of my favorites and of course the most costly; a wall hung toilet. You’ll notice in the picture the trap does not touch the ground, leaving the surface below open and easy to clean.

              Standard Toilet                                  Concealed Trap                         Wall Hung Toilet

standard trap toilet                   concealed trap                 wall hung toilet

Big Changes for Small Plumbing Company


Shop image Since 1985 Town and Country Plumbing has been serving its customers with quality products, installing them in innovative applications with impeccable customer service. It’s the main tenets of our motto, “Quality, Service, and Innovation”. Our business has been built around these tenets and has grown from them. For the last 34 years we have served our customers from our rural location near Madden Alberta. In those 34 years we have grown from a single owner operator, to today, Fielding 4 crews and 13 employees. To continue adhere to our values we are proud to announce we have moved!

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